My Story

I've been a Scentsy chick since April 2014! Can you believe I said 'No' for about 6 months before I finally joined?
I have never made a better choice!
I've had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, changed other people's lives in return.
I've been to a 7 star Bali Resort for a week FREE. I've been to Brisbane FREE, I earned a trip to Singapore (but was too preg to go) FREE!
When life throws me a curve ball 3 of my top 5 people I contact I met through Scentsy. they are my bestest support, and some of my greatest friends!
I have 3 daughters. Maggie 5, Alice 4 and Harriet 1. My husband is a high school campus head and teacher. I also work full time in an office.
We are involved in community sports like football and cricket.
I am obsessed with Harry Potter, I love Wine and Cheese and I also love my relationships!

You can literally fit Scentsy into your life anywhere, and whether you want to make a living from Scentsy or just like to get paid back on your own obsession, I am here to help you!

I'd love to hear about you!! - even if you think I already know you :)