My Story

When I finally took the plunge and joined Scentsy in April 2014 I had NO idea how awesome this company really was. I joined, not to make millions, but to do a little something on the side so I could spoil myself sometimes.   Very quickly, this all changed. My first month I was awarded with my Shooting Star Award, the Monthly Sales award and earned my Double Promotion. Straight from Escential Consultant up to Star Consultant. Somehow I managed to get team members that also loved this company. A few months later and my little team had continued to grow. Many of them also exceeding their own expectations from this amazing company. in August I double promoted again to DIRECTOR. Well wasnt that an acheivement and a half. Usually it takes about a year to hit that title, and I acheived it in 4 months! The next month I earned the ALL expenses paid Scentsy Incentive trip to Bali and stayed at the Mulia 7 Star Resort and had my flights catered for too! My first overseas holiday totally FREE! As my bank balance continues to grow, i was able to leave my job in Administration full time, and changed my career to part time Early Childhood Educator. Meaning I could spend more time with my babies! But here was the catch, I was actually BETTER off with my pay! I now match my Early Childhood pay with my Scentsy pay! So really, what have you really got to lose? Whats the WORST thing to happen?